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Public Notice

To all residential customers of Fountaintown Gas Company, Inc., please take note that the company expects to file an amended Energy Efficiency Rider Tariff on or about December 8, 2020 with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission. The purpose of this tariff will be to collect $0.83 per residential customer per month in keeping with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission’s Order in Cause No. 43995-S1. The company expects that this amended tariff will be approved on or about January 13, 2021. Following approval, the tariff will be implemented in the company’s next regular monthly natural gas bill.

To the extent that you have any questions about this amended tariff, please contact the company at Telephone: 765-763-6393; or the company’s Vice President at customerservice@ftgas.net; or mail any questions to Jason Wortman, Fountaintown Gas Company, Inc., 106 East Main Street P.O. Box 1007, Morristown, Indiana 46161. Alternatively, you may contact the Indiana Regulatory Commission at Secretary, Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, PNC Center, Suite 1500 East, 101 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204 or contact the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor at PNC Center, Suite 1500 S, 115 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204. 18635745v1
Why Natural Gas?

• Lower cost & better comfort
• Higher quality heat
• Reliable & safe
• A natural occurring energy source
• Made in the USA
Minimize Your Bill

• Install a programmable thermostat
• Keep window shades and draperies   open during the day
• Have your furnace serviced
Natural Gas Tips

How to identify a possible gas leak:

Smell rotten egg or sulfur odor
Hear blowing or hissing sound
See blowing dirt

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